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Employee relation

Family Gathering is an activity held once a year with the aim to build a good communication and relation amongs the Company Management and the Staffs. Employees along with their core family member are invited to participate the Family Gathering. Some activities held in the Family Gathering are singing, games, door prize, etc. Family Gathering goals:

  1. 1. To strength togetherness
  2. 2. To build team building
  3. 3. To improve performance


Training is form of apreciation from the company to the employees, held to improve skills and competence, hardskill and softskill.

The goals of the training are:

  1. 1. To create expert and skilled employee
  2. 2. To improve work efficiency and effectivity
  3. 3. To improve productivity
  4. 4. To improve the quality of work


Donation is part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program from the Company for the local community who live in surrounding. Every year, the Company carry out some charity program such as donation for the less feasible school, donation for the orphans, Qurban, etc. The activity is a concrete manifestation of company to the surrounding environment.